Concrete paving is the backbone of many different construction projects, providing sturdy foundations for garages and appealing surfaces on driveways and sidewalks. At P&S Paving Inc., we specialize in transforming ordinary paved spaces into extraordinary ones through expert cement paving services. From walkways to patios, driveways to garage floors, our skilled team in Seymour, CT, excels in delivering impeccable results tailored to your needs.

But what exactly is concrete paving? It’s the process of pouring, leveling, and finishing concrete cement to create horizontal surfaces–everything from simple sidewalks to intricate patios and parking slabs. Our experienced contractors can also create beautiful decorative elements like stamping and coloring to make your newly paved surface beautiful and durable.

Concrete Paving by P&S 

Our expertise extends across a wide spectrum of flatwork applications on commercial, residential, and community properties. Whether it’s residential driveways and patios, commercial parking lots and walkways, or a wheelchair ramp, we’ve got you covered. We’re also adept at handling public infrastructure projects like sidewalks and curbs and decorative concrete projects such as stamped and stained surfaces.

If you’re looking to upgrade your residential property with a new patio, get a dumpster pad on your commercial parking lot, or improve the public sidewalks in your local town, contact our team to discuss your ideas!

Sidewalks & Walkways

Transforming ordinary pathways into safe and aesthetically pleasing pave4d walkways involves careful planning, excavation, and grading. Once the foundation is prepared, cement is poured, leveled, and finished to create smooth and durable surfaces. Finally, proper curing and sealing ensure long-lasting performance and enhanced curb appeal.

We’re proud to offer sidewalk installation services to commercial businesses, property managers, and municipal representatives who want to improve their local communities.

Patios & Driveways

Creating inviting outdoor spaces starts with site preparation, including excavation and compaction. We can install ramps, patios, and other residential paved areas in custom shapes and sizes, and we always use precision leveling and finishing techniques. Sealing the paved surface protects against weathering and enhances durability, ensuring years of enjoyment for homeowners.

Our masonry services add a decorative finish to any residential concrete paving project, adding stamped designs, colorants, or even stone edging to patios, driveways, and more.

Parking Slabs & Dumpster Pads

Constructing sturdy and functional parking, garage, and dumpster slabs requires careful site assessment and preparation. Proper grading and compaction ensure optimal drainage and stability. Concrete is poured to precise specifications, reinforced with steel if necessary, and finished to withstand heavy loads and constant traffic.

With our asphalt paving experience, we understand what it takes to create durable pavement that stands up to years of traffic, so you can trust that our flatwork will also be long-lasting. 

P&S Paving Inc.: Concrete Paving Experts in Connecticut’s Fairfield and New Haven Counties!

With P&S Paving Inc., you can trust that your flatwork and masonry needs are in capable hands. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and unmatched reliability.

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