When was an asphalt paving specialist’s most recent assessment of your driveway or parking lot? If it’s been years since any upkeep or repair work, you might start to see cracks and potholes emerge, damaging your pavement and bringing down your property values.

However, are you familiar with whether asphalt replacement or resurfacing is the appropriate course of action?

Discover the benefits of asphalt resurfacing with P&S Paving, Inc. Our professional resurfacing services are designed to extend the lifespan of your pavement while enhancing its appearance and performance.

Asphalt Resurfacing: Milling & Overlay

Revitalize your paved surfaces, such as parking lots and roadways, with P&S Paving, Inc.’s asphalt resurfacing solutions in Fairfield County and across Connecticut. Our proven techniques will rejuvenate worn-out paved surfaces, providing durability and an improved look. We’ve been paving in Bridgeport, Seymour, and neighboring areas for over 25 years, so our skilled contractors have experience in asphalt resurfacing methods that can restore your property values and make you love your home or business again.

Ready to give your commercial property a new life or increase the curb appeal of your residential property? Contact us today to schedule your pavement revitalization project!

Asphalt Milling: Removing the paved surface to replace it

Milling, also known as cold planing or profiling, involves removing part of an existing paved surface to a certain depth. This process is commonly used to improve road surfaces, level uneven pavement, or prepare for new pavement installation by creating a smooth and uniform base.

P&S Paving’s efficient milling solutions are tailored to address surface distress and improve roadway longevity. From recycling road surfaces to providing a smoother driving experience, our milling services offer sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your paving needs.

Asphalt Overlay: Adding a new surface layer

Overlay is another pavement repair method that involves adding a new asphalt layer to an existing pavement surface. It provides a cost-effective solution to restore deteriorating surfaces without complete reconstruction, making it ideal for revitalizing parking lots, driveways, roads, and pathways. This process helps improve the paved area’s appearance, durability, and performance, extending its lifespan and enhancing driving conditions.

Our overlay projects utilize existing layers as a base for the new pavement, minimizing disruption and maximizing durability. Contact us today to explore how an overlay can enhance the performance and longevity of your pavement.

P&S Paving Inc. in Seymour, CT, Serves Southwest Connecticut with Resurfacing, Milling, and Overlay

Our milling & overlay resurfacing method ensures a durable, long-lasting surface, whether for rutting, potholes, or large cracks. Enhance the durability and appearance of your paved surfaces with our resurfacing services.

Contact us to explore how a milling and overlay service can benefit your commercial, residential, or municipal pavement.



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